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Fic: A Promise

Title: A Promise
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Pairings: Shadowcat/Cyclops
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Future!AU. Suggested Adult Content.
Summary: Kitty makes Scott promise something.
Notes: Written for 15pairings prompt "friends first, lovers second". I’m a little iffy on this fic… its my first time writing Scott/Kitty & nothing else, so forgive me.
[ ...Table... ]

( a promise............................. )

Fic: A Unexpected Surprise

Title: A Unexpected Surprise
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Pairings: Rogue/Avalanche, Shadowcat/Cyclops, and Scarlet Witch/Nightcrawler
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Future!AU.
Summary: Rogue and Lance have some unexpected news to announce.
Notes: Written for xmen15 prompt "Birth". This fic includes some relationships that I hope to do more of - this time of them only - Scott & Kitty and Wanda & Kurt.
[ ...Table... ]

( a unexpected surprise................. )